Mote than a simple church

A particuliarly inspiring location

In Strasbourg, in the Krutenau, the old district of the boatmen and the fishermen, the Church of Saint-Guillaume stands on the shore of the river Ill. If its humble front at no time makes you think that this modest building could contain valuable treasures since the XIVth century, one's attention is straight away drawn to the clock tower, its very special silhouette.

Asymmetric and topped by an anchor it intrigues the spectator so that he believes that here probably things are seen from a somewhat different angle.

Is it for that reason that in 1831 Georg Büchner (who has since become the symbol of the most famous literary award in Germany) visited Saint Gulllaume?

Did the activities of the famous Dr. Schweitzer at Saint-Guillaume create the formidable energy that enabled him to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Closer to us

Closer to us, why Nadia Bolz-Weber, an atypical pastor known for her slang and her provocative words came to preach at Saint-Guillaume? Would it be to show, here more than elsewhere, that one can reconcile liturgy and homosexuality?

These issues are all examples that highlight the role of "sower" of ideas played by Saint-Guillaume from the Holy Roman Germanic Empire until our days. Because the wealth that we are talking about is none other than the power of his voice, bringing ideas of tolerance and openness across the world well beyond any proselytism.

Indeed, today more than ever, the bulding is a symbol of hore and belief in man. Saint-Guillaume is now recognized as a haven of peace where you can meet, talk about sexual orientation, ecology, islam or social networks... And death also. Through exhibitions, redings, concerts, sometimes in slam, conferences, such as the iconic and very rock'n roll father Guy Gilbert...

Saint Guillaume possesses unequalled energy and a humanist wealth which is represented by
the anchor at the top of its steeple, a sign of shared human values and hope.

And yet St.-Guillaume is threatened, gnawed by a sneaky moisture which weakens her.

There is still time to save this emblematic place of openness, by launching a vast heritage restoration project so that the voice of SaintGuillaume does not fade away.